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Wild Talewort was my stories-in-the-mail business, run from 2013 through early 2016. For three years, I sent re-wilded myths and folktales rooted in the landscapes of the California to the physical post-boxes of subscribers around the world.


Wild Talewort was officially born on Imbolc, February 1st, 2013, when I launched the Gray Fox Epistlesthirteen months of re-wilded and re-told fairytales sent out every new moon to the post-boxes of subscribers from Oakland to Australia.

The following September, I launched a second Wild Tales by Mail Project, the Leveret Letters, a novel in installments for children ages 8 and up, sent out in chapters every full moon. Next, in 2014 through 2015 I created the novel Elk Lines, a re-wilded retelling of the Eastern European tale, “The Handless Maiden,” sent out in eight installments timed with the Wheel of the Year. 2015 also saw the creation of Tinderbundle, “firestarters for the wild soul” which included short stories, divinatory cards and herbal medicine, all centered around an Old English word.