How Did An Online Casino Blacklist Come About?

Jan 23, 2021 Best Online Casinos

Before the regulation of online casinos the main reasons that caused a casino to be blacklisted were:

    • Lack of license recognized by the European Union. Playing in one of these slot e wallet is the most risky you can do, because the lack of a national and / or international license recognized by the competent bodies such as the European Commission denotes the total absence of security.
    • Any casino that has had problems with payouts (data relating to the winnings distributed by the room) is blacklisted. Unpublished or delayed payouts create inconvenience for players and are usually a sign of insufficient honesty on the part of the casino operator.
    • Customer service is one of the cornerstones of each casino. Casinos must have adequate customer service, reachable in various ways (by phone, email, chat, etc.) and possibly available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.
    • In case of repeated abuses in the incorrect management of the bonuses or do not respect the conditions and terms relating to the withdrawal of their winnings obtained with the use of the e wallet online casino Malaysia bonus.
  • Disputes being resolved between the customer and the casino published on national and international forums and portals recognized and appreciated by players. While they do not have legally recognized titles, they are followed by thousands of users and have a massive influence on a player’s determination to pay their money to a particular online gaming room even if it is 100% legal.

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