Month: January 2021

Why Create A Ranking Of The Best Online Casinos?

It is wise action to always share your personal gaming experiences both positive and negative. Sharing is participation and vice versa, this combination increases the capacitive safety in choosing a casino.

It should be noted that today, after the regulatory regulation of online casinos, it is practically impossible to run into incorrect casinos. But this does not mean that there are no peculiarities that make a possible game experience more suited to your expectations and style of play; think about player assistance support , withdrawal and deposit methods , promotions and bonuses , game software providers and other details that will outline (positively or negatively) the differences between one casino and another.

As already mentioned above, for each “brand” there are various peculiarities on which you can dwell and assign judgments that will make one casino better or less than another; let’s see some important points together:

    • Terms \ conditions withdrawal of your winnings – the regular player as soon as he opens the web page of a casino immediately looks at the types of bonuses offered to new customers, then rushes to read the ” Terms and Conditions” page relating to the withdrawal of their winnings, obtained with the exploitation of the bonus. In particular, he focuses on the ” Playthrough ” section or the minimum number of bets required to withdraw your winnings from the casino cashier.
    • Types of bonuses for new players – as mentioned above, bonuses and promotions are the real attraction for any new player intent on joining a particular casino. This is also valid for already registered users or those with loyalty, such precisely because they are comfortable in a bonus system suited to them that satisfies their gaming appetite.
    • Types of bonuses for loyal players – as easy it is to attract new users through the fascinating world of bonuses as it is difficult to entertain them in the following months through promotions , loyalty programs , complementary points and gaming tournaments .
    • Fund withdrawal / deposit options – a very fundamental feature for a novice or professional “gambler”. It is always synonymous with “being thoughtless” to have before your eyes a wide range of choice on the methods of depositing and withdrawing your funds from the casino cashier.
    • Player assistance support – it is very important to always feel safe and protected by professional supporters who accompany the player, through explanatory answers, about the doubts and clarifications requested, in the various game sections offered by the casino site.
    • Variety of games offered by the casino – a delicate point given the current impossibility of online casino sites to offer all the games (granted by the gaming software) available to them due to the slightly restrictive rules, but just to protect the interests of all investors. This means that the casino cannot acknowledge its voluptuous capacity generated by the actual offer of the numerous games and variants thereof. To overcome this, it is a good idea to sign up for casinos that rely on different gaming software or that offer games signed by different providers, often abbreviated with the term ” multi-software casino “.
    • Graphic / audio quality of games – the graphic interface of games is the element that most “marks” and distinguishes the artistic “signature” of a software provider. Indeed, excellent qualities are touched and often very different from each other.
    • Longevity of the game – this is a very pretentious feature but one that has been incorporated into the design architecture of next generation games for some years. Just think of the “branded” slots (for example “South Park”) where there is a continuous evolution of the game sessions characterized by countless winning combinations that generate the production of mini movies (of own production or captured from the original film of the film official). All this will ensure that new and constant sound effects and graphics will prevent the player from experiencing that feeling of always repeating the same thing.
  • Fluency of games – great graphics do not mean excellent game fluency. They don’t always go hand in hand, especially if we are talking about new gaming software; but the “big” and the most popular ones (such as Playtech and Microgmaing) do not run this risk.

How Did An Online Casino Blacklist Come About?

Before the regulation of online casinos the main reasons that caused a casino to be blacklisted were:

    • Lack of license recognized by the European Union. Playing in one of these slot e wallet is the most risky you can do, because the lack of a national and / or international license recognized by the competent bodies such as the European Commission denotes the total absence of security.
    • Any casino that has had problems with payouts (data relating to the winnings distributed by the room) is blacklisted. Unpublished or delayed payouts create inconvenience for players and are usually a sign of insufficient honesty on the part of the casino operator.
    • Customer service is one of the cornerstones of each casino. Casinos must have adequate customer service, reachable in various ways (by phone, email, chat, etc.) and possibly available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.
    • In case of repeated abuses in the incorrect management of the bonuses or do not respect the conditions and terms relating to the withdrawal of their winnings obtained with the use of the e wallet online casino Malaysia bonus.
  • Disputes being resolved between the customer and the casino published on national and international forums and portals recognized and appreciated by players. While they do not have legally recognized titles, they are followed by thousands of users and have a massive influence on a player’s determination to pay their money to a particular online gaming room even if it is 100% legal.